Shore to Shore Realty Partners

Shore to Shore Realty
Guy Pennisi

Mr. Pennisi graduated St. Johns University with a BA degree in Accounting and Finance.

Mr. Pennisi has spent the last twenty years working for Pershing, Solomon Smith Barney and Tigershark Management where he was the trader for a $250 million dollar hedge fund.

Mr. Pennisi is the owner/operator of a FedEx franchise serving Staten Island & New Jersey. The company consists of twenty trucks and thirty employees.

Mr. Pennisi owns and maintains a vast portfolio of residential and commercial real estate properties.

His personal motto is to be kind , generous,helpful and honest.

(718) 317-5802 ext 107
Frank G D'Amato

Mr. D’Amato has a 30 years background in the financial industry. He was the CEO of Eagle Commodities and a member of the New York Mercantile Exchange, COMEX and the Coffee/Sugar/Cocoa Exchange. Mr. D’Amato also spent 10 years in the Real Estate Industry.

Thereafter he applied his investment knowledge to the Real Estate sector where he spent more than 10 years acquiring and building properties throughout the tristate area. During this time he also invested in several franchises, including Light Bridge Academy Day Care and Retro Fitness, where he currently holds managing partnership roles.

Outside the business arena, Mr. D’Amato is dedicated to giving back to his local community and serves as a member of The Carl V. Bini Memorial Fund and is also Co-Chair of the Annual March of Dimes Gourmet Gala. He is honored to have been the recipient of numerous awards for his philanthropy including the Staten Island Hall of Fame Unsung Hero Award, March of Dimes Volunteer of the Year Award, the United Activities Unlimited, Inc. (UAU) Humanitarian of the Year Award, Rainbow’s Hope Man of the Year Award, and also the Teddy Atlas Foundation Award.

(718) 317-5802
Steve Masseria
General Contractor/Partner

Mr. Masseria has 28 years experience in the building industry. He is the owner operator of Masseria Construction Corporation and a past employee of the City of New York.

Mr. Masseria is responsible for the oversight of all of Shore To Shore Realty Partners’ projects.

(718) 317-5802